Welcome to MEGA!

We are SO excited to bring you this incredible workout! Raleigh's first Lagree Fitness Studio. Founded by Alicia Belle, Mega aims to inspire and challenge you like no other workout you’ve ever done. You’ll move, sweat, laugh, and probably even curse us a bit (and that’s ok!). We want our clients to be excited about coming in and working out. Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey, YOU ARE MEGA!

With two workout options, you will never get bored and your body will never look better. So mix, match and repeat.


Pilates on Steroids. In 45 minutes, we burnout every muscle group with no breaks. We focus on Balance, Core, Stability, while working those slow twitch muscles for full body engagement. BYOGrip Socks or purchase some when you get here.

Class Schedule


Is a 45 min cardio trampoline class that gets your your mood soaring! An addictive, feel good workout that will sculpt your entire body. Think: Cardio, Dance, Energy, Fun. Don’t forget your sneakers for better control and ankle stability.

Class Schedule

The workouts will leave your muscles quivering, your body leaner, stronger and fitter than ever. At Mega we blend hands-on instruction, awesome music, and expert routine programming.

Located At:

2330 Bale Street Suite 104
Raleigh, NC 27608

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